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Volcom Stone at Sewehan Beach, Nusa Penida, Klungkung, Bali

Posted by Pande Martha on 7th January, 2018
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Suwehan Beach  Nusa Penida Hidden Beach

In Nusa Penida, southeast of Bali, there is a hidden beach called Suwehan Beach. With natural conditions in the form of hills and surrounded by the sea. The landscape here is dominated by the cliffs of steep hills with the background of the ocean. However the natural nuances of Suwehan Beach offer a lot of charm. In addition to cliff views that blend beautifully with the natural sea, , on the beach Suwehan also offers beautiful white sand beach along the 400 meters. The beach is hidden behind a cliff, so visitors can relax on white sand and swim at the beach. This beach is perfect for you who love adventure and quiet atmosphere. Because Suwehan Beach is also rarely visited by local tourists or foreign tourists so it is still natural.

In addition, there is one special thing in Suwehan Beach. There was a large rock separated from the cliff, and the boulder was aloof. The presence of the stone adds to the beauty of the blue sea and the waves are so calm there. The tapered shaped rock stands at the center of the beach. The locals call it Jineng Stone. Many also call it Volcom Beach because the stone is similar to the logo of Volcom, a brand of clothing. Suwehan Beach precisely located in Watas Village, Tanglad Village, Nusa Penida, Bali. To reach this beach tourists need more effort and energy because it will through a narrow, steep, and steep terrain along the 300 meters . Before reaching Suwehan Beach, in Nusa Penida the travelers will pass Candi Bentar, also Puseh temple. This temple is worn by local people to worship. This temple is above the Suwehan Beach and on the path you will pass towards the beach. You will keep walking on the path and past the steep cliff path without the stairs.

Although the access traveled to get to the beach is exhausting and energy draining. Along the way, you will see the fresh spring.  There are at least nine holy water sources, so no bath and foot wash here. To approach it is also required to dress modestly. If you want to clean the body, available baths in separate places. But your sweat will not be felt upon arrival at Suwehan Beach. As far as the eye can see the white sand with beautiful blue sea. The beach is still far from the crowd, so it is quiet. Tourists will feel like being on their own beach to remove fatigue 

There are several harbor or dock entrances from Bali to Nusa Penida. Public transportation mode used is the ship Roro from Padangbai port. If travelers want faster access to the fast boat from Sanur beach pier, Distance of Suwehan Beach about five kilometers from Atuh beach in the direction of Teletubbies hill tourist attraction. From the Buyuk pier at Nusa Penida, can rent a motorbike or can rent a car to continue the journey, through Tanglad Village about an hour's drive up to the parking lot. Then visitors have to continue the journey again through a narrow path and quite steep.

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