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The European Media Called Nusa Penida is Hidden Gem of Bali"

Posted by Administrator on 19th August, 2017
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A series of reviews about the beautiful island, white sandy beaches, amazing ocean waves, will be directly emblazoned. There are countless media, both local and foreign, about the beauty of Nusa Penida. Recently, the Malta Today page also downgraded reviews on Nusa Penida written by Marc Casolani. "A small island compared to the others. However, the island offers beauty, "wrote Malta Today. In his review, Malta Today also moot the position of Nusa Penida flanked by cliffs. However, precisely therein lies the uniqueness and charm of Nusa Penida. The traveler trip to Nusa Penida will be very satisfied as soon as it gets there.

Atuh beach
Kelingking beach
broken beach

The beach is still one of the favorites for the traveler when the pleasure in Nusa Penida. For example, Broken Beach "Pasih Uug Beach" and Atuh Beach. However, many spots in Nusa Penida are actually unfortunately missed by tourists. "Seganing Waterfall, Pura Gunung Cening, and Manta Bay are some other places you can visit," added Malta Today. Enough? Of course not because there are still many attractions on this island. Malta Today also talks about the beauty of Angels Billabong. Malta Today calls Angels Billabong as one of the hidden gem of Bali. The media describes Angel's Billabong as a natural turquoise-blue pool resemble as turquoise among limestone cliffs. During this time, Angels Billabong is already a mandatory destination for tourists who vacation to Nusa Penida. When viewed at high altitudes, such water has three colors, namely green, white, and blue. Tourists can swim with a relax while enjoying the beautiful sea nuance in Nusa Penida.

angel bilabong
angel bilabong

In addition to enjoying the natural beauty of Nusa Penida, tourists can also get a memorable experience by hanging out with local residents. Tourists can watch the process from cultivation to harvest seaweed. "The main source of income for this island comes from seaweed. It will also make the tour very interesting. Overall, the Balinese Hindu community lives simply from agriculture, fisheries, seaweed farming, and eco-tourism, "added the Malta Today review.

About lodging, travelers also need not worry. Because, there are many lodging in Nusa Penida that suits the travelers."In general, the majority of good accommodation can be found in Batumulapan and Pedang Buluk streat," Malta Today added. What is the ideal time that tourists need to be able to enjoy all the charm of Nusa Penida? Of course there is no exact size. However, Malta Today suggests travelers take more than a day. "Two to seven days would be a decent time to find gems on the islands, meet the locals, bask under the sun, and exploring the coral gardens that surround the island, "Malta Today added. 

Minister Arief Yahya two years ago present to Nusa Penida. Seen if it is a ring road on the island located in Klungkung regency, heavily damaged.Therefore, the minister from Banyuwangi asked the Ministry of Tourism support to clear the asphalt road in the three villages, Lembongan, Ceningan, Penida. Do not wait for the team month of PUPR Team direct actions. Including several public facilities, such as water supply, fresh water, electricity, roads and telecommunications. "Yes, because Nusa Penida is Bali, and Bali is the icon of Indonesian tourism, because it must be immediately engineered public facilities supporting leisure trips there," said Arief Yahya. Minister Arief also suggested that there will be a pier both on the island of Bali and Nusa Penida In order to move the boat access to get there more smoothly. "If the potential, good! In the strait also still live coral reefs and fish, "explained Arief.

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