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Not Just Beach, Bali Also Got Extreme Rafting Tours

Posted by Pande Martha on 15th November, 2017
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Bajing Dam Atraction       

Always known for the beauty of the beach apparently Bali or dubbed the island of the gods also has a myriad of beautiful tourist destinations other than the beach. Bali is also serving a quite extreme natural tourist offerings that boost the rafting adrenaline.  this river adventure tour was originally mostly done by foreign tourists and they were also increasingly have a high interest in rafting tours in Bali. Until now there have been quite a lot of popular rafting tours in Bali.


There are three places that have been popular rafting, namely the River Ayung located next to Ubud, it’s about 45 minutes drive from kuta area. Ayung River have the class rapid II – III it means the water a little bit flat about 9 km from start till finish point, around 1, 5 hours on the raft. and then Malangit River have the class rapid II – III it means the water a little bit flat, only 6km, around 1 hour on the raft. Melangit River is located in Klungkung Regency; it’s about 1 hour drive. And then Telaga Waja River has III – IV class rapid, it means the water is faster and more exciting (The fastest river in Bali) and telaga waja is located in Karangasem regency, it’s about 1,5 hour’s  drive.

The cool sensation felt because the Telaga waja river is located in the mountain area immediately felt when arriving at the location. To be able to feel the sensation of white water rafting in some areas of the tourists must follow the procedures applied. Visitors first use safety equipment such as helmets and vest buoys, before a briefing by rafting guide, on safety standards during rafting activities. Especially for Telaga Waja needed a prime physical before doing rafting. Because, you will cross the river flow along the 14 km or less for two hours rowing hit various obstacles. This is where the courage of the traveler is tested. 

Panic seeped when the raft hit rocks so the trip was stopped. Rocks of various sizes are sometimes a constraint. But with teamwork, that obstacle can be missed. The sound of shouts of tourists who do rafting along the river to be a sign of thrill rafting in the river water flowing from the highest mountain in Bali, namely Mount Agung. The excitement of wading through Telaga Waja River is not solely about the swift flow of water. along the journey up to 16 km, your eyes will be refreshed by the scenery of rice fields, shady trees to the cliffs are so beautiful. Along the way, the guide will stop the raft for a moment, letting the touristg admire the beauty of the waterfall. and cried again at the end of this rafting adventure there will be a very adrenaline spur of attraction that is sliding on 5 meter of the bajing dam. 

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