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Mount Agung, Besakih Temple and Bali Hindu Belief

Posted by Pande Martha on 6th October, 2017
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In every faith, there is always a purified. Yes, Mount Agung which has been considered sacred and sacred by the Hindu community in Bali, Currently in level 'Be Careful'. On the slopes of the mountain, there is Besakih Temple. The largest temple in Indonesia that has been established since the 11th century.

Jero Mangku Lingsir Suweca

The temple was a mute witness to the eruption of Mount Agung 1963. The temple's distance with Mount Agung is only 6 kilometers. So famous is the temple, now not only as a place of worship, but has become one of the famous religious tourism destinations in Bali. Then, is there a relationship between Mount Agung and the establishment of Pura Besakih on the slopes of the mountain? What does it have to do with the Hindu beliefs in Bali? Is it true that Mount Agung is not friendly? according to jero Mangku Lingsir "Balinese holy people" Suweca, a 78-year-old religious fighter who is currently staying firm with his beliefs and did not leave Besakih Temple although the activities of Mount Agung continue to show signs of danger. 

What is the position of Mount Agung in Bali's Hindu beliefs?

Mount Agung is a sacred mountain in our belief, Hinduism in Bali. Every year people perform ceremonies and offerings of cows or buffalo. Even sometimes it can be twice a year by private and unity of people to worship and purify mountains.

Where do the offerings usually take place?

The offering is done at the top. So, people come to bring cows or water buffaloes first purified by priests, then beaten and carried up to perform various rituals of worship and worship to Him, Gunung Agung.

What exactly makes Mount Agung sanctified?

We believe in this mountain residing Sang Hyang Widhi"the name of god in Hindu religion in bali", That confidence became our strength which was in Besakih Temple in the eruption of 1963. Though temple closer to the mountain, but the bigger disaster effect leads to the east and the temple is safe without severe damage.

Is there a special relationship between Mount Agung in Besakih?

In our belief nothing has to do. Since its establishment in the 11th century, initially the temple is just shaped hut, then into a big temple. Symbolically, these buildings have a lot of meaning. God is one, but have many names and names that are symbolically embodied in the temple buildings.

How did the temple state during the 1963 eruption?

At that time a series of 100-year ceremonies were underway in Hinduism, namely Eka Dasa Rudra ceremony that followed many people even as the eruption progresses. But, that does not mean nothing happened at the temple at the time. The ash and sand rain pierced the temple, even up to two meters thick. The stones continue to fall, But, overall, the temple is not badly damaged and only buried piles of sand and gravel, that's all. 

Overall, is Bali safe nowadays?

Moving whether or not the mountain I do not understand. But, nowadays Bali still remains fine, the mountain is still the same as it used to be, full of calm. The news of Bali in a dangerous condition that comes from news that is not true and not appropriate facts.

Is there a message to residents and tourists?

Relax, do not panic and keep on praying. Do not believe the issues that are not clear in the evacuation. For tourists, wait for the news. If the news is sure to call Bali safe, please visit us at Besakih Temple.

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