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7 Fun Activities You Can Do in Nusa Lembongan, Bali

Bali Rafting While on vacation, you not only want to remove the fatigue from your daily activities but also want to do exciting activities. These activities can be activities that integrate with nature or visit places of history and places that have high artistic or cultural value

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Not Just Beach, Bali Also Got Extreme Rafting Tours

Bali Rafting Always known for the beauty of the beach apparently Bali or dubbed the island of the gods also has a myriad of beautiful tourist destinations other than the beach. Bali is also serving a quite extreme natural tourist offerings that boost the rafting adrenaline.

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Mount Agung, Besakih Temple and Bali Hindu Belief

Bali Rafting with Barack Obama In every faith, there is always a purified. Yes, Mount Agung which has been considered sacred and sacred by the Hindu community in Bali, Currently in level 'Be Careful'. On the slopes of the mountain, there is Besakih Temple. The largest temple in Indonesia that has been established since the 11th century.

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